Dearest sky,

Today, you are a low blanket over the pacific, but last week you were a bright gauzy haze over the atlantic. In both instances, you were hovering right there, just above me. So fickle and quick to change! Tempermental, even. But I appreciate your multitudes, and I have learned to love you in all your temperaments and temperatures. I know that you aren't really mine, though (nor I yours) since you hover in many places at once, with many faces looking up at you. I've noticed your light is harsher here on the west coast. White and bright, not yellow and low.

My sky is a small square obscured by plants. their names are lumpy, rapunzel, wavy, and the last one is a forest floor covering that i ripped up of the ground while camping. It didnt survive in the water glass in my room.

writing this makes me feel [...]

  • writing long letters to a stranger who shared similiar music interests over an online music platform site. i could be however i wanted to be; we could share whatever space that our words allowed us to inhabit.
  • sending telegram stickers to my partner
  • ???